Highlander 30th Anniversary Screening + Q&A – EIFF 2016

If you were to do a poll of film fans asking them for the best Scottish film to feature a Frenchman as the Scottish lead character and the most famous Scottish actor of all-time as a Spanish-Egyptian then can be only one winner.

Highlander celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and it certainly celebrated it in style with an extra special screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival that featured a Q&A with Clancy Brown who played the villainous Kurgan.

Obviously a lot of the movie was filmed in Scotland. Evident by the appearance of James Cosmo and not by Christopher Lambert’s accent!

However a lot of the present day action takes place in New York City with a few notable locations:


R. Nash Antiques – The exterior for Connor Macleod/Russell Nash’s antiques store is located on 73 Greene¬†Street, Manhattan.


Peter McManus Cafe РForensic expert Brenda Wyatt follows Macleod from this bar in Manhattan. 152 7th Avenue, Manhattan.


Bow Bridge, Central Park – Macleod meets fellow immortal Kastagir (played by Hugh Quarshie) in Central Park ahead of the final Gathering.


Silvercup Studios – The final gathering and fight between Macleod and the Kurgan takes place atop the Silvercup Studios building and sign across the Queensboro Bridge in Queens.

Madison Square Gardens – Connor Macleod watches a wrestling match here before fighting a fellow immortal in the car park. Yet only the exterior of the Gardens was used, with the interiors being filmed in different locations.