John Wick


John Wick was the best action film released in 2015 that wasn’t Mad Max: Fury Road and saw Keanu Reeves make a welcome return to the genre.

Set in New York City, Reeves plays an assassin who comes out of retirement to hunt down the men responsible for killing the puppy given to him by his late wife.

You can find my full review here.

A lot of the film was shot in the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, including the pivotal location that stood in for the exterior of the Continental Hotel.

The Continental Hotel is a hotel that caters for a specific type of clientele: hitmen (and hitwomen); and has a particular set of house rules, including no “business” to be conducted on the property.

The building is the Beaver Building aka 1 Wall Street Court, located at the corner of Beaver Street and Pearl Street.

Similar in style to the architecture of the Flatiron Building, it is the former home of the New York Cocoa Exchange.

It is not actually a hotel but residential condominiums as well as housing a sushi restaurant.

The awesome Dark Bunny Tees have recently released a Continental Hotel t-shirt, to accompany their Specialized Waste Disposal Tee (as seen in the above photo).



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