New York has seen it’s fair share of horror movies take place in the Big Apple, including the likes of Black Swan, Basket Case, C.H.U.D. and Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

However the most iconic would have to be Rosemary’s Baby which sees Mia Farrow move into a new apartment next to, literally, the neighbours from hell.

The film was set in The Bradford Building on the Upper West Side and the famous Dakota Building on Central Park West.



Zoltar Speaks…

Put your “heart and soul” into something, dare to dream “Big” and “your wish is granted”.  

Once Upon A Time In America…


One of my favourite spots on my location scout of New York City was finding this little gem on Washington Street in Brooklyn, just a short walk from the pedestrian entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge on Prospect Street.

Not only does it offer a stunning view of the Manhattan Bridge but if you stand in the correct spot you can see the Empire State Building in the middle of it.

On the silver screen it appeared in Sergio Leone’s gangster epic Once Upon A Time In America and it featured on the film’s poster.


Publication Day!

Waterstones 2 Waterstones 3 Waterstones

So the day has finally come and Ext. New York City – Discover The Reel New York On Location is now officially on sale!

You can pick up a copy tonight at the Belmont Filmhouse from 7.00 where I’ll be doing a book signing.

It is also on sale at Waterstones Aberdeen in the travel and film sections.

Finally you can purchase the print and ebook versions online at Lulu and Amazon.

A full list of links is available here on the Where To Buy page.